I’ve created KoreanMakeup.com to be the number one resource for korean makeup and beauty products online. I test, research, and do all the heavy lifting so that you can make the best choices for your makeup and beauty regime.

KoreanMakeup.com has info on brands, products, and other makeup resources to make your decision making easier than ever. It was created by beauty and makeup obsessed, Tess Saville, who spends her days trolling the web for all things Korean Makeup.

Why is Korean Makeup so great?

Due to Korea’s lack of natural resources, Korea has a long history of investing in research and development of products they can export. Heavy R&D investments from the Korean government have led to innovation in technology and manufacturing for years (think Samsung and Kia), but more recently Korea has discovered a hidden talent in beauty and makeup.

Korea has always been a beauty driven culture with evidence of makeup products as far back as the 5th century, but more recently they’ve blended their tech chops with their beauty products. Due to the government investment into beauty and the beauty-fad-focused culture in Korea, people estimate that Korea’s products are 7 years ahead of the rest of the world. Knowing how advanced Korea is in its beauty and makeup, the real question becomes why wouldn’t you buy Korean products?

Korean Makeup Trends

Lots of the today’s makeup trends originate from Korea. The Korea makeup scene first went global with the popularization of BB Cream, which is known for magically being both hydrating and offering foundation-like coverage. Since then, the list of Korean makeup trends is seemingly endless with sheet masks, snail slime face cream, and bee venom plumping all stemming from Korea.

Korean beauty trends go deeper than products only, they also set the trend for how to wear makeup. Top trends for 2017 include dewy skin (a mainstay in Korean makeup styling), straight eyebrows, orange blush, and puppy liner.

Korea is at the forefront of the best makeup products and styles, and with access to Amazon, MemeBox, and SokoGlam it’s easier than ever to buy it from anywhere.